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Our Company

With over 5 years of overseas experience in the industry, UEGC was formed with combined key players from publishing, sales, human resources and technical backgrounds, to provide fast, accurate, quality production services, all with you in mind. Our focus is to make the best with the shortest turnaround times for the same prices as our competitors. In short, we care about your success and we care about our clients.

UEGC is committed to helping you control costs while still providing superior quality. We’re also one step ahead, making sure you have the best as these industries change. From HTML5 to mobile we keep you ahead of these rapidly changing times. We do it all in real time with an intimacy of all languages. UEGC is dedicated to producing the kind of quality and innovation that this industry needs to succeed and grow, which we believe is best understood and served by an INDIAN Firm.

We have built our reputation by consistently delivering quality solutions within established financial terms and timeframes. Our team is loaded with creators and innovators. Our approach is to provide quality, reliable, cost-effective solutions that are flexible and customized to our client’s specific needs. In all instances we integrate with existing workflows to give you the capability of managing and auditing our work as required. Quality and best practices define the foundation of the UEGC process-driven approach. UEGC continuously utilizes cutting edge technologies and benchmark standards to exceed the expectations of our clients.

Our Brochure

Our Services

  • Print Publishing
    We offer proofreading, copyediting, and other professional editing services to our clients.
  • Digital Publishing
    We are experts in fixed layout eBooks, functionalities of ePub3 and we can easily adapt to any new technologies that are relevant to eBooks
  • Multi Language Composition
    Multilingual Composition of B2B books and journals, Magazines, Recipe and Law books
  • Tool Development
    Innovation of New Technology in e-Publishing Projects.
  • Data Entry
    We offer a full line of data entry services to our clients.
  • Data Processing
    We can provide you with quick, quality accurate data processing of a variety of different formats to meet the needs of the client.
  • Form Processing
    We offer a full range of form processing services to meet the needs of your business.
  • Scanning and OCR
    We offer a full range of back office outsourcing in the area of scanning and OCR services