Print Publishing

We provide publishing services with quality printing at the prices that are affordable and suit everyone’s budget. We are proud to say that our customers keep coming back to us for printing services for the quality of the services that we provide.

We also give personal and individual attention to our customers thus constantly thriving to improve their satisfaction and giving value for their monies. Each customer is focused, and assisted for all of their printing and design needs.

We assist our customers in publishing books, journals and magazines. Our optimized process solutions help reduce the cost by a significant margin, compared to anyone else in the publishing services.

Editorial Service

UEGC editors, proofreaders, and other editorial professionals provide the critical eye needed to improve the editorial integrity of content to be published. We offer proofreading, copyediting, and other professional editing services to our clients. High standards and attention to detail are the keys to success for UEGC editorial staff. The following list provides a brief description of our available full service editorial services:

  • Editorial Proofreading and Quality Control
  • Editorial Services for Web Sites and Electronic Products
  • Accuracy Checking
  • Problem Solving, Answer Verification, and Creating Solutions Manuals

Artwork & Graphic Design

Our Art services are of high quality created by professional artists using traditional and latest technologies

UEGC specializes in :

  • Photo realistic illustrations
  • Contemporary illustrations
  • Replication and Restoration of poor illustrations
  • Image retouching
  • Image redrawing
  • Character design
  • Special effect
  • Digital illustrations
  • Book Cover design
  • Template design


UEGC typesetting services are highly acclaimed by our clients as well as our peers.

  • Our core typesetting team have the expertise to handle various types of books and journals using the XML First workflow
  • Specialized team for composing and our dedicated quality team ensures high quality standards meeting our clients expectation.

Our services include the following categories

  • Books: STM, Pre K - 12, Higher Education, Fiction, Non – Fiction and Trade books.
  • Journals
  • Special volumes: Encyclopedia, Dictionary, Catalogue, Directory, News letters etc.


Proofreading is a skill acquired through enormous practice and experience. The typographical errors affect the performance standards in terms of productivity and quality of the work we do.

UEGC approach helps you in producing error free publications to meet and exceed your reader’s highest expectations for content quality.

Our team of proofreaders is well versed in dissecting every word of the content and corrects the errors and inconsistencies. Our Proofreaders not only correct the errors and spellings but they also correct the emphasis of the content like hyphens, bold, italics and so on to bring up an aesthetic look and feel.

Key Benefits:

  • Coherently elegant text, without typos and other simple errors.
  • Intrinsic statement to your readers that they are delivered with quality reading experience.
  • Your vision of success with Quality delivery to your readers is fulfilled.

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